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Darcy Elder

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 Am I Priced to Sell?

Attracting buyers is the name of the game. As a seller, you have two goals:RE/MAX Kelowna Priced to Sell

1. To get the most money possible

2. To sell as quickly as you can.

Be realistic. Price is the number one factor that most home buyers use in determining which homes to view. Although the price is set by you, the seller, the value of the home is determined by the buyer. Don't allow your enthusiasm to warp your judgment and lead to overpricing - a mistake you can't afford to make!

Here are some factors to consider - recommended by experienced residential specialists - to help you sell your home. This information is not all-inclusive and does not replace the expertise provided by an experienced RE/MAX® REALTOR®.

What Affects Your Asking Price?

What Doesn't Affect Your Asking Price?

What Happens to an Overpriced House?


Look To a RE/MAX® Sales Professional When You Need Answers Fast...

RE/MAX Kelowna Priced to Sell

As you can see, there are a multitude of factors that determine the asking price of your home. Finding this price yourself can be a long and difficult task. That is why thousands of satisfied homeowners, like yourself, turn to RE/MAX®. A RE/MAX® sales professional has the tools and experience necessary to compute the fair market value of your house quickly and accurately while allowing for personal considerations (such as the date by which you must sell). Your RE/MAX® REALTOR® can also confidently answer your questions about listing, pricing and showing.

A RE/MAX® Sales Representatives goals are the same as yours:

1. To get you the most money possible;

2. To sell your home as quickly as we can;

3. To make selling your home a pleasant and profitable experience for you.

When You Want to Price Your Home to SELL FAST... Turn to RE/MAX® Kelowna!
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